Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mast Brothers Chocolate

Fortunately for our generation, the appreciation of craftsmanship is back again. Brand names no longer dictate what's in fashion, chains are completely uninteresting, and people are again valuing products that are hand crafted with the best ingredients, no matter what the cost.

Being in Brooklyn, I am constantly exposed to artisanal companies that are dedicated to their craft and all of the love and sweat that goes into creating it. No one better demonstrates this than Mast Brothers chocolate makers based in Williamsburg. Although they have been gaining traction for many years and have already been featured in various publications, they are fairly new to me.

Each chocolate bar is hand wrapped in custom paper designed in-house by the Mast team. Brothers, Michael and Rick Mast, founded their company in their Brooklyn apartment by making chocolate from a homemade machine. Dedicated to only using the best ingredients, the Mast brothers work with organic farmers from small cooperatives in South America, Dominican, and Madagascar and have sampled the cacao beans themselves many times, to ensure the best quality possible. Their company is entrepreneurship at its finest!

 Michael and Rick Mast

A true art form 

 The beautiful custom designed packaging 

The Brooklyn storefront

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