Wedding Day Timeline -Introductory Price $350

 detailed custom schedule based on our expertise of how a seamless event should run that can be distributed to all vendors


Transportation Itinerary - Introductory Price $150

 schedule of all pick ups and drop offs throughout wedding weekend for transportation company (does not include booking of transport though we can certainly handle)

Calendar Checklist - Introductory Price $200

what you should be focusing on and when


Vendor Recommendations -Introductory Price $300

 up to five recommendations of our most trusted and talented vendors

each additional $50


Venue Recommendations - Introductory Price $300

up to five vendor recommendations that are best suited for your needs and budget

each additional  $50


Event Layout - Introductory Price $350

to scale floorplans for ceremony, cocktails, and reception


Budget - Introductory Price $150

detailed spreadsheet outlining what you should be spending where


All a la carte items can be purchased in the 'purchase' page. Custom discounted bundles are available. Two revisions are included in the base price. Any additional revisions are $50/each.

Missing anything? We are open to requests.