Engagement Photos- to do or not to do?

Many of our clients opt out of engagement photos because they fear they are too cheesy but before you make your decision, consider the following benefits to getting behind the camera with your main squeeze prior to the wedding day...

1. Engagement Photos allow you an opportunity to get comfortable with your photographer and behind the camera. Most people don't like being photographed and, therefore, don't appear natural. A quick engagement session will let you practice loosening up and getting used to having your photographer directing you. 

2. Learn what angles you are most comfortable with. It sounds vain but we all know we have a favorite side! 

3. Get to know your photographer. After an hour or so with your photographer, you will know who they are and how they can help you get the best possible photos on your wedding day. 

4. Learn what light you like best. Did you decide to shoot in the middle of the day and wish the lighting was softer? A trial run through will ensure your wedding photos are taken at the most ideal time of day for your style. 

5. Because you don't want your only professional photos as a couple to be from your wedding day.