Questions to Ask When Considering a Resort for Your Wedding Venue

Having a resort wedding can be romantic and tons of fun for your out-of-town guests, however, it's important to understand all the moving parts before diving in. Our wedding pros put together a list of questions to ask the resort to prepare you for the perfect destination wedding! 

Questions to ask (1).jpg

1. Do they provide transportation and if so, is it included in your contract?

Transportation details can be tricky. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what the resort means if they tell you that transportation is included. Does this mean for the bride and groom? the wedding party? all guests?

Photo by  Virgil Bunao

Photo by Virgil Bunao

2. Do they offer a discount to block hotel rooms at their property via a courtesy block or are you financially responsible for any rooms not reserved?

If you are reserving rooms, it’s extremely important to understand if you will need to front the bill or if you guests can pay directly. 

3. What time does the wedding need to end by?

The party has to wind down at some point! Check in with the resort on their policies. 

Photo by  Heather Waraksa

4. Do you have access to all event spaces for the entire day?

Resorts often book multiple weddings in one weekend. To ensure that you have enough time to prep your space for the wedding, ask if you can be granted primary access for the entire day. 

5. Do they offer discounts when booking your rehearsal dinner or brunch on-site?

It's worth their while to keep you and your guests in the resort for as much of the weekend as possible (it also happens to be less planning on your part), so this is definitely worth asking if you are awarded a discount for booking other wedding related events through their property.

Photo by  Jeremy Harwell

6. If handling catering in-house, how can they accommodate special dietary requests (i.e. Kosher, vegetarian, or nut allergies)?

The last thing you'll want to worry about when food is being placed on the dinner table is what your dairy-free cousin is going to eat. Make sure that all guests dietary needs can be met before moving forward with in-house catering. 

Photo by  Jose Villa

Photo by Jose Villa

7. Are there activities available to your guests on-site (canoeing, biking, etc) and if so, how do they go about booking them?

Most often, there is a single point person or a department of people in charge of resort activities. Find out who to talk to and what the booking process might entail. 

Photo by  Kim Stockwell

Photo by Kim Stockwell

8. When on your wedding day does the venue close to the public?

Nobody likes a wedding crasher, even if it's accidental. Make sure that the resort will plan to close specific areas off from the public before any of your events begin. 

Photo by  Kim Stockwell

Photo by Kim Stockwell

9. Do they regularly spray for bugs?

If this isn't something that they do, ask if it's possible to bring in a third party to address any bug concerns. 

10. What rain plan options are available to you?

Mother nature likes to surprise us sometimes. Make sure the resort has an alternate location  for your events in case of rain and... more importantly, make sure you like Plan B just as much.