12 Questions You Should Be Ready For When Hiring a Tenting Company By Tenting Professional, Sarah Copeland

Photo by:  Verdi  

Photo by: Verdi 

1) Is the tent allowed to be installed at the reception site?  

2)Is there a preferred/exclusive vendor list?

3) Do you have a preference on the style of tenting--ie Sailcloth, Frame, Open Air with a Frame? A venue date will help to possibly drive the type of tent as you would not want to install a clear frame tent during the summer months due to the heat factor.

4) How many people do you wish to accommodate and in what configuration?  All seated at tables, partial seating, cocktail party setting?

Photo by:  Verdi  

Photo by: Verdi 

5) What other items would you like to have under the tent? Food tables, bar, cake table, dance floor, stage etc?

6) How much space do you have? What are the dimensions of the tent site?

7) What time of day will your event take place?  Will you need lights and/or heat or AC?

Photo by:  Iris Photography

Photo by: Iris Photography

8) Is there a power source at the site? 

9) Do you wish to enclose any portion of the tent with siding or doors?

10) Will you need accessory tents for caterers prep, band, vendors?

Photo by: Raquel Reis Photography

Photo by: Raquel Reis Photography

11) Will leveled flooring be needed?  

12) On what kind of surface will the tent be placed?  Grass, concrete, asphalt, wood deck?
**This is very important to confirm as this will be the driving force for costs.  Can our team stake the tent into grass for anchoring?  If not we would have to look into alternative anchoring options like water barrels, concrete anchors etc that could drive the costs up and not to mention alter the look of the tent.