Questions Your Guests Will Ask - & How to Answer Them

1. “Congrats! When’s the wedding? I want to put it on my calendar." 

This is always an awkward question, as the reality is that not everyone can attend your wedding. Kindly mention that you have not yet solidified your plans but are thinking it will be an intimate affair.

2. Where should we stay?

The more information provided the better. Refer them to your wedding website or invitation suite for more details on wedding blocks and/or recommended accommodations in the area.

Photo by:  Heather Waraksa

Photo by: Heather Waraksa

3. Can they bring a plus one?

Try to have a hard answer for this that every guest will consistently hear (i.e no ring, no bring).

4. Are children allowed?

If not, kindly mention that you are not allowing children at the wedding itself but would be happy to assist with local childcare options.

Photo by:  Jose Villa

Photo by: Jose Villa

5. What’s the dress code?

You can either include this detail on your invitation or within your wedding website so that your guests are clear on what to wear and won’t bother you with their attire questions.

Photo by:  Simply Sarah

Photo by: Simply Sarah

6. Is transportation provided?

Be sure to include transportation details within your invitation suite, wedding website, and day-of paperie, so guests know how they will get around.

7. Was their gift received?

Make sure to write your thank you notes in a timely manner so guests are not wondering if their gift made it to you safely.