Should you do a first look?  

Photo by:  Heather Waraksa

Photo by: Heather Waraksa

We are big proponents of first looks - Why, you ask?  

Photo by:  Elizabeth Irvin

Photo by: Elizabeth Irvin

  • The first look is a really special and intimate moment where you and your soon-to-be–hubby can spend some quality time together before the chaos ensues.

  • Seeing your love before the ceremony allows for you to enjoy cocktail hour fully and maximize the time you have to take meaningful portraits that you will enjoy for years to come.   

  • It sets the tone for a more relaxed wedding day schedule.  

  • Many couples prefer to share this moment in an intimate setting before stepping in front of the crowd - as can be one of the emotional parts of your day.

  • The first time you walk down the aisle will still feel special to you both, we promise. A first look actually helps get rid of some of those pre-ceremony jitters.

Photo by:  Jeremy Harwell