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How to Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

Your bridesmaids are your right-hand-ladies. They'll have your back throughout this wedding process, so it's important to have theirs too. 

Photo by:  Kati Rosado

Photo by: Kati Rosado

1. Allow them to select their own dress.  

Buying a dress that you may never wear again is that much more aggravating when it's one that doesn't match your style in the slightest. Choosing a general color scheme or giving the girls lots of options to choose from is a great way to compromise here. 

Photo by:  Jose Villa

Photo by: Jose Villa

2. Don’t start hair and makeup at 7:00am. 

The girls will more-than-likely be recovering from the night before and probably don't want to get up at 6am, let alone sit around dolled up for the next zillion hours. This will also lessen the chances of having to do re-touches later on. 

3. Gift them something that they can actually wear on your wedding day like earrings or a purse. 

Keeping your gift useful, practical, and simple is a good way to ensure everyone is happy. 

4. If your wedding is destination, don’t choose a destination bachelorette location. 

Your girls are already raking up a lot of dough to be able to make all of your wedding celebrations a success. If you can, try to minimize their traveling expenses, their bank accounts will thank you.

Photo by:  Jane Shauck

Photo by: Jane Shauck

5. Allow them to bring a plus one.

This is another little "thank you" gesture that your maids will absolutely appreciate. 

6. Have fun!

Don’t get too lost in the logistics and forget why you asked them to share in your special day. Celebrate together and enjoy the journey! 

Photo by:  Christian Oth

Photo by: Christian Oth

Why We Love Garden Weddings

We love garden weddings, as they never go out of style and are both beautiful and unique. I mean who wouldn't want to be surrounded by a lush landscape full of fragrant flowers? Here are some reasons why we can't get enough of these organic and romantic weddings... 

  • You’re surrounded by beautiful and fragrant flowers, so you don’t have to bring much décor in, saving on time and money.   

Photo by:  Lucy Cuneo

Photo by: Lucy Cuneo

  • A garden wedding often takes place during the day, which will also keep costs down (no lighting needed, menu costs are lower, etc).

Photo by:  Simply Sarah

Photo by: Simply Sarah

  • It's more eco friendly- instead of having to throw out your florals following your wedding day, the flowers are already supplied and will continue to thrive post-celebration.
  • You can keep it hyper-local! Your menu can be dictated by the herbs surrounding you, again cost effective and eco friendly. 

  • Some venues allow you to cut bouquets straight from the garden. 

Photo by:  Simply Sarah

Photo by: Simply Sarah